What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior.

Behavior analysis helps us to understand:

ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning.

ABA therapy programs can help to:


Increase language and communication skills

General Improvements

Improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics


Decrease problem behaviors

The methods of behavior analysis have been used and studied for decades. They have helped many kinds of learners gain different skills – from healthier lifestyles to learning a new language. Therapists have used ABA to help children with autism and related developmental disorders since the 1960s. (From autism

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About Beautiful Minds

This company was created with a lot of care and compassion for each one of the families we will touch. Our services last from a few months to a probably couple of years. We are in the life of our clients temporarily, but our goal is to make a change on their lives that will last even after ABA treatment.

From our CEO and Founder: Many years ago, I imagined making my own ABA company, the first thing I thought was in my son and how much he changed my life. I wanted a logo that represents him. The boy in the logo is my son touching a star, showing me every day that he has a lot of potential. Each child with autism is wonderfully different, but all of them have Beautiful Minds full of potential.

To improve the life of people with Autism and their families by providing an effective treatment that is tailored to each child while empowering our employees to learn the effectiveness of ABA strategies.

Our Team

Our CEO and Founder

Mayra Corona Moreno


Our Team

Ryan Ash

Senior Behavior Therapist and Trainer.

Our Approach _

Our Approach

Because kids are kids only one time in their life. ABA has to be FUN!!!

At Beautiful Minds we focused on Naturalistic Teaching Methods. Each one of our staff and parents are presented with the components of Pivotal Response Training 

Pivotal Response Treatment, or PRT, is a behavioral treatment for autism. This therapy is play-based and initiated by the child. PRT is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Goals of this approach include:

The PRT therapist targets “pivotal” areas of a child’s development instead of working on one specific behavior. By focusing on pivotal areas, PRT produces improvements across other areas of social skills, communication, behavior and learning.

Pivotal areas include:


Response to multiple cues


Initiation of social interactions

Motivation strategies are an important part of the PRT approach. These emphasize natural reinforcement.

For example, if a child makes a meaningful attempt to request a stuffed animal, the reward is the stuffed animal – not a candy or other unrelated reward. Children are rewarded for making a good attempt, even if it is not perfect.

While waiting for Diagnosis

This program is exclusively designed for parents that are waiting for their child’s formal diagnosis of Autism.

While waiting for formal diagnosis kids can miss several months without therapy, most of the time when they are very young, and their brain have a lot of plasticity. 

Research shows that kids that start ABA therapy at a younger age have more probability to…


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